Misc. watercolor projects

My sister and I got together to watercolor the same piece of artwork (wish I had taken a picture of hers, she is an amazing artist).  The piece we chose was a watercolor by Alexis Levine (picture below).  I don’t do too well on the loose watercolors, they just never come out right.  One thing I really need to practice, I love how it looks.



Original by Alexis Levine:



The Northern Gannets watercolor came from a photo on http://www.ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/weblog.php?/C19/P45/

The rose is from a watercolor by La Fe.


The above are my watercolor pictures and below are the originals I used as reference.


Watercolor Christmas Cards

These are some of the cards I will be sending out for Christmas.  The holly and mistletoe cards are my own designs from many photos on the web.  I never used just one photo and for some I didn’t use any at all.  The landscape cards are all from an artist (I think this is the name) Angaben Zum Verkaufer.  They are on Dutch ebay and I don’t know the language and there was no translation tab. The two snowdrop cards are based on watercolors by Rachael McNaughton.  I do reference the artist (if used) inside the card.



Study – Orchids

The first one I drew from a watercolor picture on Pinterest but it doesn’t say who did it and the link is to a company.  The second one I drew using various photos as reference.  Still need a lot of work to capture the centers of the orchid.

Sept2017  Sept2017_2

I watched Kristina Werner’s and Jay Lee’s videos on freehand watercolor flowers & Kristina’s banners.  I did some practice flowers and leaves, really like the technique and had fun with it.  The top middle I tried wet on wet, will need to practice it.

This is a small watercolor I did based on the above techniques.