Study – Faces

I have been drawing faces recently, some I am very happy with others not so much.  I have been using some amazing artists original artwork as my references and I will list them with my drawings.

These first three are images from Claudia Tremblay.


This is the first one I did by Claudia Tremblay, not too bad but the face is a bit too long.



This is the second by Claudia Tremblay, not as happy with this one but still not too bad.



The third one I did, still need work on positioning the facial features but much happier with this outcome. This is one of the latest I have drawn.


The next one is from artist Suzi Blue, this is actually the second face I did.



The next one I got from Pinterest and the blog name is “madebyMija”, it is the first one I attempted.  It was actually my second try at this face.



This next picture is by Maria Pace Wynters.  I just love the expression on this girl’s face.


The head is not tilted enough but I was happy with it anyway.


This one was also from pinterest from a blog called middleearthneedsdracology.com.  I watched several video on how to do hair, not too bad for my first attempt. I used some colored pencils and added the forehead tattoo which wasn’t on the original.



This is what I am working on now, it is a combination of watercolors and pencil drawing.  I plan to finish the face in colored pencils.  The artist is stella im hultberg and her website is https://www.flickr.com/photos/stellaimhultberg/



Here are the reference photos used for the two above.



Study in Orchids – Prismacolor pencils:

I redrew the orchid picture I had watercolored (left) and colored it with my Prismacolor pencils (right).  I really need to take a class on colored pencils so my blending looks more realistic and natural.  But I am happy with my first try trying to do my own image.