November & December, 2017

I have taken a Udemy class on colored pencils by Sheldene Fine Arts, I enjoyed it so much that I joined her Patreons group to get access to her student portal with all the tutorials.  You can also subscribe on her website to get access to the student portal, Patreon has come up with a different pricing structure so she may be moving to just her website.

Sheldene is an awesome teacher and I am having so much fun learning.  She is a true artist, she did 24 drawings using different mediums in November on her YouTube site.  Some of the mediums she used she had never used before and everything came out amazing. One of the pictures she did was of my Boxer I lost to cancer last year, Keegan.  His picture will be on a 2018 calendar and I am so happy to be able to have an awesome drawing of him.  I still have a hard time not crying so am not ready to attempt a drawing of him yet.

I have used colored pencils to color in coloring books and on cards stamped with an image but never from a photograph and doing a drawing.  I have a lot to learn but am proud of my first attempt of Thor, my Boxer.




Study – Faces

I have been drawing faces recently, some I am very happy with others not so much.  I have been using some amazing artists original artwork as my references and I will list them with my drawings.

These first three are images from Claudia Tremblay.


This is the first one I did by Claudia Tremblay, not too bad but the face is a bit too long.



This is the second by Claudia Tremblay, not as happy with this one but still not too bad.



The third one I did, still need work on positioning the facial features but much happier with this outcome. This is one of the latest I have drawn.


The next one is from artist Suzi Blue, this is actually the second face I did.



The next one I got from Pinterest and the blog name is “madebyMija”, it is the first one I attempted.  It was actually my second try at this face.



This next picture is by Maria Pace Wynters.  I just love the expression on this girl’s face.


The head is not tilted enough but I was happy with it anyway.


This one was also from pinterest from a blog called middleearthneedsdracology.com.  I watched several video on how to do hair, not too bad for my first attempt. I used some colored pencils and added the forehead tattoo which wasn’t on the original.



This is what I am working on now, it is a combination of watercolors and pencil drawing.  I plan to finish the face in colored pencils.  The artist is stella im hultberg and her website is https://www.flickr.com/photos/stellaimhultberg/



Here are the reference photos used for the two above.



Study in Orchids – Prismacolor pencils:

I redrew the orchid picture I had watercolored (left) and colored it with my Prismacolor pencils (right).  I really need to take a class on colored pencils so my blending looks more realistic and natural.  But I am happy with my first try trying to do my own image.